Sydney Maritime Modellers Club

International One Meter Fleet

The SMMC maintains an International One Metre Fleet which sails in a Scratch racing Fleet and an IOM Handicap Fleet. The IOM is the most popular of the International Racing Classes of Radio Controlled Yacht.

Soling One Meter Fleet

The SMMC maintains a Soling One Meter Fleet. The Soling One Meter (yes thats the way that our American friends spell meter!) is a low cost, one design RC yacht kit which targets new skippers. It is basically the Sabot or Mirror Dinghy of RC Yachting, it allows new skippers to become involved in RC Yachting for very little cost when compared to some of the other classes raced in Australia. It also allows a new skipper to become involved in close competitive one design racing without having to worry about some of the more intricate adjustments of the more sophisticated or faster boats. The Soling One Meter is sailed in its own scratch racingfleet as well as being capable of being sailed in the general handicap fleet.

Handicap Fleet

The SMMC maintains a Handicap Fleet which allows any type of Radio Controlled Yacht to be raced on a handicap system. This allows the slower boats to cross the start line earlier than faster boats in the fleet. The Handicap Fleet is ideal for first time skippers. Handicap Fleet Racing is conducted on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month.

Vintage and Classic

The SMMC has a special intenrest group that builds and sails Vintage and Classic Sailing Craft. This group usually sails on the fifth Saturday of the month as well as during casual midweek sailing afternoons.